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Samarium doped calcium fluoride: A red scintillator and X-ray phosphor Laura Catherine Dixie, A/Prof Andrew Edgar, Murray Bartle Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 2014
Spectroscopic and radioluminescence properties of two bright X-ray phosphors: Strontium barium chloride doped with Eu2+ or Sm2+ ions Laura Catherine Dixie, A/Prof Andrew Edgar, Murray Bartle Journal of Luminescence 2014
An appraisal of an iterative construction of the endmembers controlling the composition of deep-sea manganese nodules from the Central Indian Ocean Basin Dr Ross Martyn Renner, R M Nath, G P Glasby Journal of Earth System Science 2014
Equivalence of multi-norms H G Dales, Matthew Daws, Dr Hung Le Pham, P Ramsden Dissertationes Math 2014
±/±-Selmer groups over the maximal Z_p^2-extension of an imaginary quadratic field Dr Byoung Du Kim The Canadian Journal of Mathematics 2014
Two-variable p-adic L-functions of modular forms for non-ordinary primes Dr Byoung Du Kim The Journal of Number Theory 2014
Correct Energy Conservation in Geothermal Wellbore Simulation A/Prof Mark Joseph McGuinness 2014
Oscillations in Soil Bacterial Redox Reactions Andrew C Fowler, H. F. Winstanley, A/Prof Mark Joseph McGuinness, L Cribbin Journal of Theoretical Biology 2014
Feedpoint viscosity in geothermal wellbore simulation A/Prof Mark Joseph McGuinness Geothermics 2014
Computing K-trivial sets by incomplete random sets Dr Laurent Bienvenu, Adam Richard Day, A/Prof Noam Greenberg, Antonin Kucera, Joseph S Miller, Andre Nies, Daniel Turetsky Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 2014

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