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Numerical solution of the Benjamin equation Vassilios A Dougalis, Angel Duran, Dr Dimitrios Mitsotakis Wave Motion 2015
"It means everything doesn't it?" Interpretations of Maori students achieving and enjoying educational success "as Maori" Dr Robin Margaret Averill, David Alister Hindle, Dr Anne Shelly Hynds, Prof Luanna Hazel Meyer, Prof Walter Takaha T Penetito, Marama Taiwhati, Dr Flaviu Adrian Hodis, Susan Faircloth Set: Research Information for Teachers 2014
The Complexity of Computable Categoricity Prof Rodney Graham Downey, Dr Asher Moshe Kach, Steffen Lempp, Andy Lewis-Pye, Antonio Montalban, Daniel Turetsky Advances in Mathematics 2014
Neutral edge modes in a superconductor┐topological-insulator hybrid structure in a perpendicular magnetic field Rakesh P. Tiwari, Prof Ulrich Otto P Zuelicke, C. Bruder, Stevan Michael Stojanovich Europhysics Letters 2014
Who Will Win the Animal Race? Te tauomaoma a nga kararehe Dr Robin Margaret Averill, Dayle Margaret Anderson Mathematics Lessons Learned from Across the World: Prekindergarten - Grade 8 2014
Samarium doped calcium fluoride: A red scintillator and X-ray phosphor Laura Catherine Dixie, A/Prof Andrew Edgar, Murray Bartle Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 2014
Spectroscopic and radioluminescence properties of two bright X-ray phosphors: Strontium barium chloride doped with Eu2+ or Sm2+ ions Laura Catherine Dixie, A/Prof Andrew Edgar, Murray Bartle Journal of Luminescence 2014
An appraisal of an iterative construction of the endmembers controlling the composition of deep-sea manganese nodules from the Central Indian Ocean Basin Dr Ross Martyn Renner, R M Nath, G P Glasby Journal of Earth System Science 2014
Equivalence of multi-norms H G Dales, Matthew Daws, Dr Hung Le Pham, P Ramsden Dissertationes Math 2014
┬▒/┬▒-Selmer groups over the maximal Z_p^2-extension of an imaginary quadratic field Dr Byoung Du Kim The Canadian Journal of Mathematics 2014

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